Brand Identity

Motel: constant growth and work in progress
Quality, price and speed are the strengths that distinguish the brand.


New ideas for an amazing styling feminine Made in Italy take shape everyday.


The making from sketches to samples in 10 days.


Showrooms, b2b, network of distributors together to spread the uniqueness of Motel style.

The unmistakable italian style by Motel, founded in 2006, means unique, artisan, detailed creations pervaded by a sense of modern romance and the touch of a perfect imperfection.

As a result of an easy to wear style and top fashion contents Motel has recorded organic sales growth and brand awarness.

High quality craftmenship combined with a time-based production strategy which seeks to compress the time required to propose, develop, manifacture, market and deliver its product up to 10 days are directly related to succesful performances.


The Nika Nika S.r.l. headoffice is in Tuscany, an italian region that has a historical textile tradition. Two floors and few functional architectural elements define the space: a starecase which connects Production to Prototypes area, large cutting tables, racks for the samples and easily removable pallets to organize kilometers of fabric. Creativity and commercial activity are linked in space and in daily work as well as in the production process.

Ready-to-wear fashion thought for a young audience launched an innovative marketing strategy: “flash” collections made on a weekly basis producing more than 400,000 units per year. The Motel brand, mainly known across Europe and all over China, is constantly growing in America and Japan. A strong global distribution is our goal.


Motel opened its (directional) showroom in Bologna in 2006. Clean lines on white contrasts, black with a touch of sophisticated pink and mirrors in 1200 square metres that can accomodate up to 25,000 clothes.
A simple concept in a fresh atmosphere for a trendy style.

The headquarters in Bologna cooperates with the showroom in Milano, 350 square metres where the weekly “flash” collections are presented. In 2016 Motel opened a showroom in Paris, 400 square metres in Rue Saint Denis 208, with the ability to hold stock with more then 5000 units.


Motel style at your fingertip around the world, in real time and from any digital device. Not just a promise, but the reality of the service provided by B2B AREA.
An online platform 24-hour to stay ahead of the fast fashion trends. Accelerated sales cycles can be achieved and a quick turnover of merchandise easily available and affordable can be offered through this technology.
The b2b platform is also a virtual meeting area for traders and distributors to create new opportunities of partnership.

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